Susan Hartman, an award-winning writer, was educated at Kirkland College and received an M.F.A. from Columbia University. She has written cover stories and profiles from places as different as Northern Ireland and Queens, Las Vegas and Brooklyn for The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, and Newsday, often following her subjects for months.

She has teamed up with some of the best American photographers, telling intimate stories about people and communities far from the mainstream.

She has profiled a Belfast boy, who needed a break from summer violence; a Chinese immigrant, who repairs watches on the street; and Ghanaian live-in aides — far from their homes in the Bronx -- who're united through a conference prayer call.

Her Jump Rope Girls multi-media project follows a group of women she first profiled for The New York Times when they were talented Double Dutch jumpers on a troubled Brooklyn block. She re-visited them in her Times cover story, Jump Rope Girls, 20 Years On.

The author of two books of poetry, Dumb Show and El Abogado, and a chapbook, Satyr, she teaches at Yale, and is also on the faculty of NYU, where she teaches journalism and creative nonfiction.

She lives outside New York City with her husband. They have a grown son and daughter.
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